Other Ceremonies

Renewal of Vows

When marriage vows are renewed, it is an announcement to the world and to each other that the love which was brought to the wedding day has grown deeper through the years.
There are many reasons that couples choose to renew their vows: family gatherings

  • A milestone of their marriage 20th, 30th 40th, 50th anniversary
  • Their first wedding was rushed and they would like the wedding they wished they had
  • Celebrating each other’s love for each other again & bringing that energy back into the relationship again
  • Couples who have been recently married where family and friends are unable to attend

Commitment Ceremonies

A Commitment Ceremony is a meaningful and dignified ceremony for adult couples.
The purpose of the Ceremony is to make a public declaration of life-long commitment, love and dedication between two people. The occasion can be shared with family and friends or the ceremony can be held in private without guests.
A Commitment Ceremony does NOT have any legal implications and does not provide you with any legal rights or responsibilities

Boat Naming/Renaming Ceremony

According to legend, Neptune (or Poseidon, if you're talking to the ancient Greeks) keeps a ledger of all the ships sailing his vast waters, and knows each of them personally. According to Legend it is also bad luck to rename your boat, unless, you follow the rules set out by Poseidon.  To ensure a happy boat, happy crew and happy owner I can help you create a tradional renaming ceremony,
O’ and a Happy Neptune !!